We offer both short and long-term solutions allowing you to benefit from comprehensive procurement experience and best practice without having to make expensive hires.  By offering flexible resources and working full or part-time on some accounts, projects with longer lead-times can be delivered successfully without the need for experienced full-time employees.

Working in close partnership with you, our approach is personal and refreshingly different.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement allowing us to deliver innovative, straightforward and results-orientated solutions.


Our combined experience includes the procurement of agricultural products, sweeteners and starches, wheat, pasta, packaging, co-manufacture and indirects, plus the management of buying teams and of strategic and tactical procurement projects.


Passionate about Procurement


Marland Associates offers short and long-term solutions to suit its clients' Procurement needs - from resource to transformational change projects.



Do you have a gap between one manager leaving and another being hired? Or perhaps you have a short-term management need, such as maternity cover, or plan to expand your portfolio to new geographical areas?


Whatever your situation, we can expertly manage your teams of buyers or whole procurement departments and help with the FTE recruitment.  


If you have a tactical or strategic project that you are unable to resource, we have the design and management experience you need – including tactical supplier engagements and outsourcing. Or if you require the help of an experienced procurement manager to make a step change in your capabilities, we aim to exceed expectations.

The projects we have designed and delivered in the past include;

  • Outsourcing

  • Supplier finance schemes

  • Procurement structures

  • Implementation of strategic sourcing

  • Tactical supplier engagements

  • Spend cube analysis




Working closely with you, we’ll discuss your requirements before establishing the scope of the assignment. For longer-term solutions and targeted projects we'll engage with your key stakeholders and work with an appointed project manager (if this is a requirement) before building, presenting and implementing a solution that is tailor-made for you.


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We are passionate about creating bespoke solutions for our clients – large or small. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements and see how we could help your organisation.


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