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Grassroots sports clubs play a vital role in your local community. Not only do they help young people to stay healthy and develop their individual sporting talents, they also bring people from your local community together.

By sponsoring a youth sports team you can help to keep the cost of youth sports low. With lower fees, more families should be able to sign up and more children will be able to enjoy the many benefits of sport, making teams more inclusive and accessible to all.

Further, Football authorities deliver programmes to address unacceptable behaviours in the sport; fighting against racism, increasing and improving access for fans with disabilities, promoting health through physical activity, and improving intercultural understanding and dialogue.  When children live and breathe these values on the pitch, they start to live and breathe them off the pitch too.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will watch a 10 year old’s football match, see our company name on the shirts, look up the website and coincidentally need Procurement services – that’s not why we do this.  We do this because we are a part of our community, and for a very small cost we can help to make a difference.

It can be incredibly cheap to sponsor a grassroots sports club – just a few hundred pounds can buy the team kit, so whatever the size of your business you can make a difference too.

Marland Associates are proud sponsors of Guildford Saints U11 Eagles.

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